A Few Thank Yous Leading up to SXSW

This is part of a series of posts from my journal and recollections leading up to and during SXSW in March 2008 when I attended with my film, Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie.  –Jay Delaney

thank you

Feb. 16, 2008: I’m really lucky to be getting advice from several people who’ve walked this path before.

Steve Bognar & Julia Reichert, Ohio filmmakers
Steve and Julia are prolific filmmakers and also fellow Ohioans, based near Dayton.  While I was editing the film, they gave me pages of really helpful, precise notes that helped to shape the film into what it is today.  Steve was a big encouragement while I was submitting to – and waiting to hear back from – film festivals.  They’re both wonderful people.  (Check out their latest film, The Last Truck, nominated for a 2010 Oscar in the short film category.)

Randy Finch, film & theatre producer and UCF film professor
Throughout the whole journey with the film – pre-production, production, and post-production – my friend Randy Finch was a tremendous help.  He provided lots of encouragement to help me keep moving forward with the film, and he offered lots of great ideas from his many years of producing experience.  He gave me valuable advice during the editing phase that helped me focus on story, character development, and of course the “central organizing principle.”  As a J.D., he also helped provide some insights into the legal aspects of filmmaking.  (Check out Randy’s Reel Distribution website)

Todd Rohal, SXSW alum and director of “The Guatemalan Handshake”
Like Steve and Julia, Todd Rohal also has ties to Ohio, so he has to be a great guy, right?  He directed “The Guatemalan Handshake,” which I saw at the film festival in Athens, OH.  I contacted Todd to let him know I got in to SXSW, and he offered some really helpful advice from his experiences.  He also put me in touch with Mike Tully.  (Check out The Guatemalan Handshake website)

Mike Tully, filmmaker and film writer
Todd suggested I reach out to Mike Tully, who requested that I send him a screener of the film so he could check it out prior to the festival.  It was a difficult decision of whether to send out screeners in advance, but because Todd had recommended Mike to me, I decided to send him a copy.  Mike ended up really connecting with the film and wrote a very nice blog post recommending people check it out at SXSW.  (Check out Hammer to Nail where Mike Tully frequently writes)

John Deeb and Mike Quinn, Deeb Studios
I had no idea where to go to create an HDCAM video of the film, so I reached out to some people I knew in Orlando.  I ended up connecting with John Deeb of Deeb Studios.  He and Mike Quinn are awesome!  They’re doing the HDCAM transfer of the film.  (Check out Deeb Studios)

Jennifer Venditti, SXSW alum and director of “Billy the Kid”
Steve Bognar put me in touch with Jennifer Venditti, a SXSW alum who directed “Billy the Kid.”  Jennifer was really kind and spent about an hour on the phone with me sharing her insights on SXSW.  Many thanks to Jennifer for all of her great marketing ideas.  (Check out the Billy the Kid website)

Gary Hustwit, SXSW alum and director of “Helvetica”
I also reached out to Gary Hustwit, director of “Helvetica.”  I had an energizing, engaging conversation with him.  He shared his very entrepreneurial approach to filmmaking and distributing his own films. (Check out Gary’s distribution company, Plexifilm)

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