About Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie
Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie is a documentary exploring the American Dream through the lives of Bigfoot researchers Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton in rural Appalachian Ohio. The film premiered at SXSW in 2008 and is distributed by Oscilloscope Pictures. For a quick overview of the film, visit About the Film. You can also buy the film or watch instantly on Netflix.

I was talking to Wayne the other day, and he said that people sometimes stop him on the street to get a picture taken with him.  We’d like to invite you to submit your photos with Dallas and Wayne to us, and we’ll select a few periodically to post here on the website.  Email your pictures to film@bigfootdoc.com.

Thank you to everyone who has watched the film and felt a connection with Dallas and Wayne.  We will continue to post updates here periodically.  Fortunately this project has been a tremendous success (in terms of finding an audience) thanks to Dallas and Wayne and the many people, film festivals, and others (Oscilloscope) who have helped push the film onward.  My goal all along has been to help get Dallas and Wayne’s story out to people who will appreciate it, and we have been lucky enough to do just that.

The film has hopefully taken on a life of its own thanks to our festival run and distribution through Oscilloscope Pictures.  It is available on Netflix via Watch Instantly, and you can purchase your own copy through Oscilloscope, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders.  To keep up-to-date, you can also visit Dallas’s YouTube page.

You can help spread the word
If you enjoy the film, you can help spread the word by:

  1. Encouraging your friends to check out the film and
  2. Writing something nice about it somewhere online (Amazon, IMDb, etc.)

Are you pursuing your Bigfoot?
One thing that has become even more apparent throughout the journey with the film is just how much I can relate to Dallas and Wayne.  In many ways, making a film about Bigfoot researchers is very similar to Bigfoot researchers trying to prove that Bigfoot exists.  I believe we all have some kind of passion or dream, and it’s crucially important that we devote time to pursuing it.  We will of course encounter obstacles, challenges, and hurdles.  Sometimes those passions or dreams are ones the world might be used to, and other times they may be something more nontraditional, more outside of the norm.  Regardless though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do us all a favor and pursue them.  Make your own life and the lives of the people around you more interesting and more meaningful by doing what you love.  There is no other answer that will lead to any greater fulfillment than that.

Everyone has some kind of Bigfoot in their lives.  For me, my Bigfoot was to make a film about two Bigfoot researchers in my hometown.  What’s your Bigfoot?  And what are you doing to pursue it?

If you have any questions for me, feel free to email them to jay@bigfootdoc.com or leave them below in the comments.  I’ll try to respond as soon as I can.  Please note though that I am not a Bigfoot researcher or a Bigfoot expert.

We held a contest after the April 9th, 2010 screening in Portsmouth, Ohio to see who from the audience could do the best Bigfoot call.  We had three volunteers come up from the audience.  Based on applause, Portsmouth resident Jason Whisman was named the winner.  We extend our congratulations to Jason!  Below is a photo of Jason with Dallas, Wayne, and director/producer Jay Delaney.  We’ll be posting a more detailed update from the screening along with more photos soon, so check back in a few days!

jason whisman with dallas, wayne, and jay

This Friday, April 9th at 7pm, the film will be screening at Shawnee State University.  Scheduled to attend are the two subjects of the film, Dallas and Wayne; director/producer Jay Delaney, executive producer/sound mixer Jeff Montavon, and cinematographer Shane Davis; and possibly a few of the musicians as well.  Come out for a fun evening.  Enjoy a Q&A following the screening and autographs from the subjects and filmmakers.

Friday, April 9th
Shawnee State University
Clark Memorial Library, Flohr Lecture Hall

The screening is FREE and open to the public, but they’re accepting donations of cash and canned goods to benefit local food banks.  Posters will be available with a suggested donation of $5.

Many thanks to Kelly Hatas, Sarah Lowe, and other Shawnee State students/staff who helped to coordinate the event.

Dallas has always told me that Bigfoot spans the globe, and this weekend that was confirmed.  I was really happy to make a few new friends in New Zealand – David Farrier, Rhys Darby, and Buttons – and had a fun time chatting with them on their radio program, “The Cryptid Factor.” Below you’ll find the interview in its entirety. (All of you Bigfoot fans out there should tune in regularly to their show for lots of crypto-discussions, interviews, DVD reviews, and plenty of antics!  It airs 9am-11am on Sundays in New Zealand, which equates to 4pm-6pm CST on Saturdays.  For more info, check out “The Cryptid Factor” website.)

About the hosts, David Farrier and Rhys Darby
While David and Rhys are both funny guys, from talking to them I can tell they also clearly have heart, and I truly appreciate that.  In addition to hosting their Bigfoot/cryptozoology radio program, they also have other pursuits.  You probably know Rhys from his acting roles.  (He’s one of my favorite new actors, in fact.)  Rhys stole the show in “Yes Man” as Jim Carrey’s boss Norman and played Murray Hewitt in “The Flight of the Conchords.” He’s currently appearing in lots of HP commercials.  (Do yourself a favor and check out his Robot Cool Trick on “Yo Gabba Gabba”.)  David is a TV reporter covering arts, entertainment, and technology for TV3 in New Zealand, and he’s also a documentarian.  It sounds like he’s covering lots of stories about interesting people like Dallas and Wayne over in New Zealand.  (You should check out a story he did about the all-robot band The Trons.)

A few links for those of you who are catching The Cryptid Factor fever to help you keep up with them:
The Cryptid Factor Twitter page
The Cryptid Factor Facebook page

On to the interview…..   It’s about 11 min. in total so we had to divide it up on YouTube.  Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2